About Us


Server4sale is a web hosting provider and server management company.  The company provides web hosting to over 1,000 satisfied customers in various countries.


Currently the company manages over 600 servers in 15 huge datacenters.  The datacenters are located in New York and in New Jersey, Canada, Germany, UK, India etc.


Server4sale. provides world-ranked quality in the service of web hosting and guarantees customer satisfaction.


This type of features is only available at top level commercial Data Center. Hosting & Management, Inc. uses multiple servers for different application resulting in fast and efficient traffic management. Many web-hosting companies use a single server with all application running and therefore provide you with poor-quality service.


Networks Appliance Raid 4 Filers, Foundry Switches and on-line backup machines are only a few of the many advanced features of our datacenter. We guarantee security of all data on the basis of these advance technologies. Additional disc drives are always ready in case of an emergency or if needed for more data storage.

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